The unboxing of my karmaloop package! Can you guess what it is!?

Now I bet you know ;) Yeah FINALLY received the package after preordering these babies in December! BUT WHAT, they're not in the box!?

Daaaaamn straight, b'coz the second I opened that box I took em and put these babies on my feet where they belong! LOL yeah lame I know, but my boyfriend came up with the idea :P

:) SO excited I got these shoes finally, and I'm extremely excited for the next Hellz collab about to drop soon...

you all know... the VANS x HELLZ collab!

As for know I'll be lusting over these bad boys until then

Ashley Sade *inspired* Nails

If you don't know already, Ashley Sade is on TOP of her nail game and I admire her work as seen through her blog posts and her portfolio. I swear, she has so much patience because she does all of this herself and the detail work is on point!I'm usually a one color all over the nails typa girl when I'm lazy, or a french tip, but I never get creative enough to come up with my own designs because I think what I come up with turns out ugly. While looking through some of her work, I saw one that would be simple enough for me to do. A cheetah print! Or what she posted as "hoodfab cheetah" with the rhinestone looking things and whatnot. I thought they were gorgeous and it only took my an hour and half to do because I kept messing up :P

So here is her creation:&here's mine:Of course it's not as good as hers, but I definitely tried my best! I used different colors: gold and red and rhinestone things on every other finger while I just coated the rest with glitter because I got lazy haha!Excuse thy white-ness, my flash doesn't seem to pick up my color? Heh.

Thank you Ashley for (1) giving me an inspiration to do my nails and (2) for your amazing nail artwork I also gained inspiration from! I really do wish I could get my nails done by her one day! Hopefully soon (watch out Bay Area I'm comin for ya) because that would be awesome rockin some ASade nails nawmsayin!?


Valentine's Day

is only a month away! &I'm extremely excited because this year my boyfriend and I are going with my cousin and her boyfriend to Sammy's Woodfire Pizza, and Chocolat after for dessert. Nothing to fancy schmancy because we're saving that for our 3 years (!) on the 27th :) Yay!

So speaking of the occasion, Valentine's Day we always make our gifts to each other and try to get creative... our first valentine's he made a card and attatched it to chocolates and a balloon. It doesn't sound like much, but when he does make something by himself for me it means a lot. Then our second he made a pillow(lol you can kinda see it in the picture)! Haha so adorable and thoughtful... so we'll see how this year plays out. I've mostly just made treats and books of somesort for such an occasion. So this year I feel like getting REALLY creative!

I went to Target yesterday and in the $1 section, they had a shit ton of valentine's scrapbooking stuff, stickers, candies, toys, and I nearly went insane! I love scrapbooking stuff, even though I really have no use for it so I was glad I got these packets of papers for only a dollar! I've spent less than $10 on all the things I've got &sprout ideas from. So from all the inspiration, I'm sure I'll think of something.I'm thinking the mini scrapbook I can use for sure and just have fun with it and go crazy with pictures and hearts and shit! Haha then the mailbox decorate and use it for another occasion. Hmm because I have no clue if I should save the mailbox for a different occasion, his birthday or our anni? Because I wanted to put his actual present in there (if it fits) haha.

Any thoughts/ideas of what I can do?


Panera Bread

is yummy!

I can't believe I haven't been there since so many have popped up in San Diego recently. There's 3 that I know of and I went to the one closest to my work with a friend of mine earlier today. I got the Salmon Club Croissant which from the menu is "Chilled salmon filet, Applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and our zesty tomato aioli served on a freshly baked croissant" but without the tomatoes because I've never been a fan of the slimy texture. And it also came with a bag of chips! Overall, I enjoyed the experience... the food was delicious, the environment was very welcoming and the food was great for the price (esp. since I took my friend out and ended up paying) and I would definitely go again to try out more of the menu... I really want to try their soups in the bread bowl and salads because they sound just delectable!

I feel bad though, because since it was so quiet and everyone was just enjoying their meal, my friend and I were probably the loudest people and got the employees looking at us every couple of minutes because what we were talking about. HAH.

I also got a dessert to go which is the Macadamia Nut Blondie... the name sounded to good to resist because I'm such a sucker for anything with Macadamia! Haha.

Also, they had fresh pastries and bread for sale... like an actual loaf you can purchase and cut yourself! I thought that was so old fashioned and reminded me of those movies during the 20s (or Idk what decade) when they'd pop loaves of bread in the oven and serve it straight to the dinner table. YUM!

It's funny, because I usually have one favorite item from a restaurant I ALWAYS have to get, but from this place it seems like I'll like a lot of things which I like because I enjoy variety in my life ;) With that, I am extremely excited to go back and try more food and maybe their smoothies because they sound delish too! (PS. Why are drinks always more expensive than the damn meal!?)

If you've been to Panera before, what have you tried or wish to try? And what did you like or didn't like? I'd like to know your eperiences too :)


MAC is attacking my bank account!

With their amazing collections coming out, I'm most excited for the Spring Forecast and the Give Me Liberty of London Collections.

Here are just a few pictures from Temptalia of the Give Me Liberty of London Collection!

I'm definitely a sucker for packaging, and I think this packaging is super cute! It looks kind of kiddy, but I like it. The little bird and the flowers. Even the product names itself are amazing. I've already created a wishlist, which I should start saving up for...