So when most of us hear or think of Earthquakes, we automatically think of hiding under a doorframe or better yet stay outside of any tall buildings. As a first for me, living in San Diego, the earthquake I experienced today was probably the worst I would ever want to feel.

Normally, I would panic and overreact, but it was different because it was Easter and I spent the day with my Family. With my grandma's 80th birthday coming up, we all gathered at her house and without my grandma knowing, we were all outside (aunts and uncles included.. dogs too!) recording a birthday greeting for her when the 6.9 magnitude quake hit! It wasn't what you would expect, maybe because we were outside. But I thought my bigger cousin in the SUV we were next to was rocking it which is why we felt it but we all paused and looked at eachother and just asked "is there an earthquake happening?" And of course.. there was. I saw my cousins in front of me swaying like we were on the ocean. First instinct was to check facebook updates and people from LA even felt it!

To be honest, I thought it was a trip, I felt more sea-sick if anything just because the cars in the front and the ground itself was just rocking back and forth. It was kind of cool, but yet so much was going on through my mind like if anything were to happen at my house with my dogs there, if my bf is alright, if their family is alright, if my grandma is alright! I was just hoping no one got hurt. Luckily, everyone was safe and my grandma was just chillin as if nothing happened! Haha.

But I'm sure it would've been a different experience if I were indoors or something because I went to work later and everyone was telling me how terrified they were. Just goes to show you that this shit happens, especially when you least expect it! I mean come on, it's Easter. It's a good day and that's all that mattered until the earthquake hit.

Sadly as the Earthquake traveled it's way to Mexi-Cali it's magnitude heightened to a 7.2 and by the end of the day 2 people died and hundreds were injured due to this natural disaster. It's insane how all this happened in just less than a minute!