&I seriously cannot wait ANY longer. I've just finished two finals, and have two more to go, and I'm set! I have big plans for this summer :)

- Universal Studios with the cousins
- Knotts Berry Farm with bffs
- Raging Waters!?
- IMATS LA (may not go/same day as switchfoot concert)
- Del Mar Fair!
- Science Museum
- Go to a Padres Game, for the heck of it
- Switchfoot Bro-Am (June 26,2010) FREE CONCERT!
- Beach/BBQs/Bonfires
- LA/Hollywood
- Go to Carlsbad for strawberry picking w/ hubbs
- Miramar Speed Circuit x 1344 to up my speed

- BUY A BIKE, and ride the shit out of it everywhere!
- Buy a flipcam to record my memories
- Build my makeup kit/start more freelance work