My heart skips a beat

every time I hear Justin Nozuka's music.

For one, he's a major HOTTIE, and secondly his music has so much passion, and inspiration, I swear I come up with movie scenes for each of his songs. He's none of that one hit wonders type of guys, oh no.. His music is purely soulful.

I remember hearing one of his well known songs "After Tonight" from one of my friends and I instantly fell in love with his voice and music.

With that same friend, I felt bad because he had a concert in Pomona that I said we should go to but never did. Sadly, our friendship ended and I haven't talked much to her since. But I do thank her for introducing me to Justin Nozuka's music.

Literally, EVERY time one of his songs come up on my iTunes, I cannot even concentrate on what I'm doing because I'm so mesmerized... like right now! I'm taking frequent pauses just thinking about him serenading me. LOL.

Lucky enough though, he's coming! HERE. TO. SAN. DIEGO!!! OMFG. When I saw the news, my heart jumped out of my chest and I could not breathe because of my excitement! So I saved the date November 24th! And I've already made arrangements bought tickets, the whole deal baby!!

If you haven't heard his music yet, please do! And better yet, if you're around San Diego see him live November 24th for $15 a ticket! SUCH A STEAL for this breathtaking (both physical and singing wise) hunk!

Justin Nozuka, MARRY ME!! <3


Anonymous said...

DUDE seriously i'm stoked on the miss wax & addidas collaborations too! like really i need both!!! thanks for checkin' out my blog! :D

an jaeden said...

i love justine nozuka 2! and thanks u should def. get a ring/dish dryin rack ;)

kaylaprice said...

i love this guy so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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