Lovin my life right now!

I feel incredibly blessed to have the people I love around me and to know that in a month, my grandma will by 80 years old! And, on top of that all, school is going well AND these amazing opportunities have come up for me to do makeup and actually be looked as a freelance MUA.

I am so excited :) I can't wait!

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break, even though I don't think it really counts since I have a midterm Saturday morning -___-

So here is my schedule for my exciting adventures:
3/25 (tonight) - Makeup on set for the 30s flashback scene
3/26 (big night!) - Makeup on set for the 70s with 22+ girls!
3/27 - Geology midterm
3/29 - San Diego Zoo with the bf :)
3/30-3/31 - Hang out with the girlss (finally!)
4/7 - My parent's 20th Anniversary
4/14 - My Nanay's 80th bday!
4/17 - My Nanay's HUGE 80th bday celebration!
5/15 - My Kuya Nolan and Ate Shellie's WEDDING! :D

Agh, I am so happy that I'm not loaded with so much stress and I'm so glad I'm finally be taken seriously about things I WANT to do.


Anonymous said...

wait. wait..
you went to the san diego zoo?! :O
im so hating you right now lol
im dying to go see the polar bears!
theyre my favorite<3! :)

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