Feelin 'Em: Tights

My latest obsession has to be tights! Patterned, colored, opaque, sheer, fishnet, anything.. you name it, I loove it! I've recently gone to the forever 21 nearby and debated on whether or not to get all the tights, not even kidding, their selection is insane. I nearly died when I saw forest green ribbed tights! LOVE those. And with the bright blues, pinks, and reds, I couldn't resist! There are even some with metallic sewn into them so it brings a sheen to the tights, which are awesome. The holey ones however didn't strike me as a win as I think they just would look really ugly on my legs. But other than that, the fishnet, the mesh patterns, and such were awesome!

I just love how tights are so flattering when paired with a dress, shorts, or even a loose top. I think it can be dressed up or down in so many different ways, I have so many ideas on how to wear them, I don't think there's too many days during this season when I can wear them all! But yess, layering with these babies are awesome! And I can't wait to get my hands on some more x)


roni said...

I'm definitely not feeling the tights and shirts movement because you know they're not real pants, but tights under ripped jeans, lace and mesh with skirts and dresses. HAWT

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