Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 is HOT!

As always, Hellz Bellz is killin it with every collection! And it seems like every month Miss Lawn is releasing these collections like hot cakes! Regardless, loving everything, as always :)

I'm really feelin it! It embodies the Holidays without the cheery santa hats and snowflakes, but rather the color elements of beautiful hints of grey and red and of course the Hellz Bellz edge. I especially love how the makeup is simple, clean and how it's so stunning and classic without the glamour stereotype of red lips for the Holidays. Hellz really done it up with this collection though, killin every aspect! Just taking a look at it, and not even in person yet, is making me drool!

Some things I'm really looking forward to in this collection are:

These pieces are amazing, and to check out the rest of the collection, which you should, check out the Hellz website! Loving everything, can't wait til they get around the stores I live by so I can try some things on! :)



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