Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009... WHERE YOU AT!?

With much anticipation, and the continuous teasing on the Hellz blog, I want to thank you hearty magazine for these AMAZING Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 sneak peaks! I nearly DIED when I saw this. A plaid vest x perforated leather!? HELLZ YES! SO SO excited! xD

And aside from that, finally got the lowdown on the Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax release!

It's dated to release on November 21, a Saturday! And I'm so bummed because I get payed the week before that and I'd have to hella save for that, a whole weeks worth of food almost!

And anyway, from Miss Wax herself, the double fingered JAWDROPPIN ring is priced for $110, and the pair of DOPE ass bottle breaking earrings are priced for $55. Uh, YEAH. It'll be worth it!!! Lemme just stand round the corner a bit get some extra cash flow going so maybe I can buy 2 of each! HAH, naah.

BUT YAY! So excited for both of the releases... now all I need is a date on that Holiday release and I'm set!



Anonymous said...

OH MY LORDY! ahhhhh! the plaid shirt is so killer! and of course the miss waz ring i MUST HAVE! thanks for sharing! :) p.s. i've noticed that karmaloop has really been lowering prices as of late i think because the holiday release is about to hit!
love shley

Anonymous said...

ahhh that shit droppeed today! www.hellz-bellz.com! yeee!!!

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