The unboxing of my karmaloop package! Can you guess what it is!?

Now I bet you know ;) Yeah FINALLY received the package after preordering these babies in December! BUT WHAT, they're not in the box!?

Daaaaamn straight, b'coz the second I opened that box I took em and put these babies on my feet where they belong! LOL yeah lame I know, but my boyfriend came up with the idea :P

:) SO excited I got these shoes finally, and I'm extremely excited for the next Hellz collab about to drop soon...

you all know... the VANS x HELLZ collab!

As for know I'll be lusting over these bad boys until then


Thessa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I'm so sad they don't have my size :( Cute picture btw! <3

jessica said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry about that dumbass who was saying shit on the Hellz blog towards you, that was fucked up. But at least you got your pairs! I got my Sophie's but I'm still on the look out for my Hadley's, I'm hoping all the places I've called will call me back 'cause I need 'em! Lol. Where'd your bf get them for you? And what sizes did you get?


Alyssa said...

Haha don't even trip... she just has bragging rights. I got my shit together now and it's not even worth my time. Funny though cuz I've never heard of her and all these girls come up on the blog like they own the fuckin place.

But yeah~! Turns out my bf was campin out too haha he ended up getting the Sophies on the Hellz website since they didn't sell out too fast. Then he got the Hadleys off CCS!

Girl lemme be the first to tell you.. I've got HUMUNGEROOO feet. I'm an 8, kinda sucks cuz I feel like a giant.. but I mean if it's one of the last ones to sell I'm not complaining lol.

Good luck on getting your Hadleys! I'll keep a lookout for you too ;) gotta keep the game tight between all of the "Hellz usuals" lol Idk what to call it. Whatev, you know what I mean!

Once I spot em somewhere, I'll let you know.. haha. What size are you looking for?

jessica said...

Hey girl! I know what you mean.. Me and Ashley Sade were texting, tweeting, everything possible to help each other. I'm hoping my Sophie's don't get back ordered from CCS but I doubt it. I got my Hadley's off the zumiez site as soon as I found out! Lol, I literally ran for my debit card. And I was too excited that I accidently switched up my shipping and billing address up (that's what happens when you've moved -__-) lol, I didn't see the paypal til after so yeah. Once I knew, I had to tell Thessa even though I don't know if she'll get them 'cause she's a really good friend of mine, then I had to tell my other friend whom has been a Hellz fan since forever but she's not the type to leave comments on their blog, and I texted Ashley as soon as I knew 'cause we were helping each other. Lol. I like most of the girls that I meet through Hellz, except one girl 'cause she talked shit about me and another Hellz girl I met in the past, but the girl I met isn't not too much into Hellz anymore but Ashley always notes her when she tweets about Hellz followers. Lol, but I actually wear size 3.5-4Y/5-5.5W (Small feet, I know..), but 6W is the smallest they made. Hopefully I can fit 'em but if not, they're nice to have anyways. I wish they would have at least made a size 5W or 5.5W 'cause idk if anyone is going to wear 10W? I think it's like a 8.5Y, which is like my boyfriends size -____- Oh well, I'm just happy I got my pairs. Good looking out though :) I felt bad for this other girl that's a Hellz usual so I told her just now 'cause she recently responded to me saying she didn't get her pair. Hopefully I get my shoes and good karma as well, lol!

Oh yeah, how much did you pay for shipping? I forgot to ask, I think. But I basically paid $30 in shipping. Which is annoying, but I think it'd cost the same if I were to buy it off the same site 'cause it'd be heavy. But I'm glad CCS is giving a free Vans cosmetic bag even though I already have like MAC ones that I don't use -__- LOL. Oh well, fcuk it.. it's free.

Hopefully we get our VansxHellz ASAP!

Alyssa said...

Oh nooo, hopefully you got all that fixed through zumiez. You got em in already right? I'd be sleeping with those on right now!! Is there a zumiez location near by where you live? b/c there's also free ship to that place where you can pick up I've heard!

LOL true about the 10 in womens, never met a girl with that big ass of a foot but I'm sure those sizes are like 5 pairs.. psh. Unless of course guys can fit in em, I bet they'd rock em too my bf was like "shit you better hop on those" (he wasn't much of a fan of the sophies haha).

I'm waiting for my shoes to come in still, it's shipping to his place so unless he got em already and is holding them for me as a "gift" of somesort -__- Just as long as I get em I'm goooood.

BTW, shipping on CCS was free! there was a couple of codes he was trying to use like for 15% off or for free ship.. Idk which one applied but I guess free shipping. I swear, saves liiiiives if only Hellz gave out discount codes :P LOL. &yeah, not really looking forward to that free cosmetic bag, just another thing to put crap in that I'll never use haha but maybe I'll give it to someone or as a keepsake for all that hard work shooooot!

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