MAC is attacking my bank account!

With their amazing collections coming out, I'm most excited for the Spring Forecast and the Give Me Liberty of London Collections.

Here are just a few pictures from Temptalia of the Give Me Liberty of London Collection!

I'm definitely a sucker for packaging, and I think this packaging is super cute! It looks kind of kiddy, but I like it. The little bird and the flowers. Even the product names itself are amazing. I've already created a wishlist, which I should start saving up for...



Thessa said...

Omg, the packaging DOES scream, buy me! Lol, I hope I have the opportunity to go to another MAC party & if so, I'll let you know so maybe I can get you on the list ;) unless you already do go? Hahaha!

Btw, thanks for you lovely comment about my hair! I've been so skeptical about it because I haven't had bangs since 6th grade & I remembered I hated them. But I wanted a new do for the new year because last year, I got my bob cut & now this year, I decided to do bangs. Hopefully by next year, my hair is down to my waist coz that'll be my new do for that year. Lol.

jessica said...

Hey, I answered your Formspring question :) And thanks for asking.

Coincidently I was reading up on Temptalia since I am a reader of Christine's blog as well, I was reading comments about the MAC in Lillyland collection and someone commented on the Give Me Liberty collection so I had to check it out. After I finished, I went on the blog site and I'm a nosey little bitch that I clicked your name and it so happens to be the same Allyssa that asked me a formspring question :) And both our recent posts is this collection. Lol, sorry.. I just thought I'd share my story.. Anywho, what are some things you will be picking up from this collection? :)

And omg, you know Thessa personally? I love Thessa, she's super nice and sweet. :)

SindyyBellz said...

Omg i want this one too!
I'm taking it from you lol
The packaging is so sweet, I love it.
I want it haha

Eek, i think with this collection, and the Spring Colour Forecast, my bank account will result with an overdraft haha.

MC said...

Super Cute indeed. I love the product names, guess I'll be hitting up the mall pretty soon. =)

jessica said...

The lipsticks are something I am looking forward too, I love lippies especially since I'm not an eyeshadow person. I love amplified lipsticks and cream lipsticks the most, so I'm def. checking out the lippies. I'm in need of new blushes so I'm kind of interested in the blushes as well.

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