Ashley Sade *inspired* Nails

If you don't know already, Ashley Sade is on TOP of her nail game and I admire her work as seen through her blog posts and her portfolio. I swear, she has so much patience because she does all of this herself and the detail work is on point!I'm usually a one color all over the nails typa girl when I'm lazy, or a french tip, but I never get creative enough to come up with my own designs because I think what I come up with turns out ugly. While looking through some of her work, I saw one that would be simple enough for me to do. A cheetah print! Or what she posted as "hoodfab cheetah" with the rhinestone looking things and whatnot. I thought they were gorgeous and it only took my an hour and half to do because I kept messing up :P

So here is her creation:&here's mine:Of course it's not as good as hers, but I definitely tried my best! I used different colors: gold and red and rhinestone things on every other finger while I just coated the rest with glitter because I got lazy haha!Excuse thy white-ness, my flash doesn't seem to pick up my color? Heh.

Thank you Ashley for (1) giving me an inspiration to do my nails and (2) for your amazing nail artwork I also gained inspiration from! I really do wish I could get my nails done by her one day! Hopefully soon (watch out Bay Area I'm comin for ya) because that would be awesome rockin some ASade nails nawmsayin!?



superduperkya said...

love the nails & hellz ring, go girl!

ashley sade said...

aww thanks for featuring me! i feel special haha. u did a really good job :)

Jasmine Nicole said...

your nails turned out really nice.
Love the hellz ring too!

Thessa said...

Okay, so, I sent you another invite to my blog because it said you weren't under my readers. Even though you were able to post comments on it. Hmmm, hahaha. Idk!

Btw, LOVELY NAILS. You did really good! I don't have the patience to do all of that but I LOVE IT! I do simple designs like stripes & flowers, lol. & since I'm right handed & I can't steady my left hand if my life depended on it, it turns out SUPER uglay. HAHA.

LOVE THE RING <3 My fingers are too skinny to fit in the size 6 :( I'm like a 4 or 4 1/2. Boo.

Oh & I'll DEFINITELY let you know when the next MAC party is :)

jessica said...

Thanks Allyssa! I was going to ask you too but I just met you :) And didn't want to ask such a big favor. Heheh. I was going to sit out in this compeitition too but I'm trying. If I don't win, I really want Ashley Sade to 'cause I know her, hehe.

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