Valentine's Day

is only a month away! &I'm extremely excited because this year my boyfriend and I are going with my cousin and her boyfriend to Sammy's Woodfire Pizza, and Chocolat after for dessert. Nothing to fancy schmancy because we're saving that for our 3 years (!) on the 27th :) Yay!

So speaking of the occasion, Valentine's Day we always make our gifts to each other and try to get creative... our first valentine's he made a card and attatched it to chocolates and a balloon. It doesn't sound like much, but when he does make something by himself for me it means a lot. Then our second he made a pillow(lol you can kinda see it in the picture)! Haha so adorable and thoughtful... so we'll see how this year plays out. I've mostly just made treats and books of somesort for such an occasion. So this year I feel like getting REALLY creative!

I went to Target yesterday and in the $1 section, they had a shit ton of valentine's scrapbooking stuff, stickers, candies, toys, and I nearly went insane! I love scrapbooking stuff, even though I really have no use for it so I was glad I got these packets of papers for only a dollar! I've spent less than $10 on all the things I've got &sprout ideas from. So from all the inspiration, I'm sure I'll think of something.I'm thinking the mini scrapbook I can use for sure and just have fun with it and go crazy with pictures and hearts and shit! Haha then the mailbox decorate and use it for another occasion. Hmm because I have no clue if I should save the mailbox for a different occasion, his birthday or our anni? Because I wanted to put his actual present in there (if it fits) haha.

Any thoughts/ideas of what I can do?



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