Makeup Photoshoot: Behind the scenes!

Today, I got off work a little bit early and my friend, Sam was awfully kind enough to have me over to test out his new lighting with our friend Carly as the model. Overall, I'd say it was a success, I wasn't unsatisfied or 100% pleased with the outcome but as a test shoot and more of an experimenting kind of thing, it was lots of fun!

I love doing makeup, and it's something I'd love to pursue in the future. This is me just taking it one step at a time :)


Feelin 'Em: Tights

My latest obsession has to be tights! Patterned, colored, opaque, sheer, fishnet, anything.. you name it, I loove it! I've recently gone to the forever 21 nearby and debated on whether or not to get all the tights, not even kidding, their selection is insane. I nearly died when I saw forest green ribbed tights! LOVE those. And with the bright blues, pinks, and reds, I couldn't resist! There are even some with metallic sewn into them so it brings a sheen to the tights, which are awesome. The holey ones however didn't strike me as a win as I think they just would look really ugly on my legs. But other than that, the fishnet, the mesh patterns, and such were awesome!

I just love how tights are so flattering when paired with a dress, shorts, or even a loose top. I think it can be dressed up or down in so many different ways, I have so many ideas on how to wear them, I don't think there's too many days during this season when I can wear them all! But yess, layering with these babies are awesome! And I can't wait to get my hands on some more x)

Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 is HOT!

As always, Hellz Bellz is killin it with every collection! And it seems like every month Miss Lawn is releasing these collections like hot cakes! Regardless, loving everything, as always :)

I'm really feelin it! It embodies the Holidays without the cheery santa hats and snowflakes, but rather the color elements of beautiful hints of grey and red and of course the Hellz Bellz edge. I especially love how the makeup is simple, clean and how it's so stunning and classic without the glamour stereotype of red lips for the Holidays. Hellz really done it up with this collection though, killin every aspect! Just taking a look at it, and not even in person yet, is making me drool!

Some things I'm really looking forward to in this collection are:

These pieces are amazing, and to check out the rest of the collection, which you should, check out the Hellz website! Loving everything, can't wait til they get around the stores I live by so I can try some things on! :)



Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009... WHERE YOU AT!?

With much anticipation, and the continuous teasing on the Hellz blog, I want to thank you hearty magazine for these AMAZING Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 sneak peaks! I nearly DIED when I saw this. A plaid vest x perforated leather!? HELLZ YES! SO SO excited! xD

And aside from that, finally got the lowdown on the Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax release!

It's dated to release on November 21, a Saturday! And I'm so bummed because I get payed the week before that and I'd have to hella save for that, a whole weeks worth of food almost!

And anyway, from Miss Wax herself, the double fingered JAWDROPPIN ring is priced for $110, and the pair of DOPE ass bottle breaking earrings are priced for $55. Uh, YEAH. It'll be worth it!!! Lemme just stand round the corner a bit get some extra cash flow going so maybe I can buy 2 of each! HAH, naah.

BUT YAY! So excited for both of the releases... now all I need is a date on that Holiday release and I'm set!



I'm such a noob on this template/layout/customizing blog shit. Ugh, I remember I used to be pro back in the day when xanga used to be all the hype! Hah!

Oh well... I'll figure it out sooner or later.

My heart skips a beat

every time I hear Justin Nozuka's music.

For one, he's a major HOTTIE, and secondly his music has so much passion, and inspiration, I swear I come up with movie scenes for each of his songs. He's none of that one hit wonders type of guys, oh no.. His music is purely soulful.

I remember hearing one of his well known songs "After Tonight" from one of my friends and I instantly fell in love with his voice and music.

With that same friend, I felt bad because he had a concert in Pomona that I said we should go to but never did. Sadly, our friendship ended and I haven't talked much to her since. But I do thank her for introducing me to Justin Nozuka's music.

Literally, EVERY time one of his songs come up on my iTunes, I cannot even concentrate on what I'm doing because I'm so mesmerized... like right now! I'm taking frequent pauses just thinking about him serenading me. LOL.

Lucky enough though, he's coming! HERE. TO. SAN. DIEGO!!! OMFG. When I saw the news, my heart jumped out of my chest and I could not breathe because of my excitement! So I saved the date November 24th! And I've already made arrangements bought tickets, the whole deal baby!!

If you haven't heard his music yet, please do! And better yet, if you're around San Diego see him live November 24th for $15 a ticket! SUCH A STEAL for this breathtaking (both physical and singing wise) hunk!

Justin Nozuka, MARRY ME!! <3